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Our service involves the systematic and organized management of all financial documents and data pertaining to your business financial activities. It involves the collection, recording, organizing, and safekeeping of financial information to ensure accurate and up-to-date records for various financial transactions. The strength of any business or organization’s financial health, large or small, rests on the quality of its accounting records. Good bookkeeping is essential to ensure the business owner or management is making sound decisions based on accurate information.

Our services in bookkeeping are geared to those businesses or organizations who are perhaps not large enough or diverse enough to employ their own accounting staff, or cases where a business owner might consider doing the bookkeeping themselves but lacks the time and/or expertise to do so.

Our services include all the components that impact a client’s financial recordkeeping, including accounts receivable and payable processing, income and expense tracking and categorizations, sales tax management, and bank and credit card transaction processing.

We can set up a chart of accounts and reporting that makes sense for the client: income statements (revenue, cost of sales, labor), overhead expenses (rent and operational expenses), assets and liabilities (equipment costs and loans), and equities (owner compensation/shareholder accounts).

We can perform our financial recordkeeping services on-site at a client’s place of business, or at our own offices, or even a mix of both.

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