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Bookkeeping is at the core of maintaining good financial records, but in cases where a client wants or needs to “take it to the next level”, they require a more experienced set of eyes reviewing their financial performance and give information back to the business owner or management in a meaningful form.

Our oversight services are aimed at clients who may employ a bookkeeper or accounting staff but lack the leadership to provide the needed analysis and adjustments that any financial records would require at a month-end or year-end.

With a keen eye for detail, our specialists maintain careful oversight of your ledger accounts. They make sure that every detail has been entered correctly.

Our financial oversight services would include analysis of financial records, required adjusting entries to complete a period-end, and maintenance of continuity schedules for items such as prepaid expenses, accrued liabilities, work in progress and customer deposits. We can also provide ongoing guidance and direction to a client’s accounting staff on all general accounting, accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), payroll, capital expenditures, inventory, insurance, and other matters.

We are also specialists in inventory management (and troubleshooting), and maintenance of client fixed assets. Both areas of accounting can be complex and can lead to disaster for a business or organization who isn’t managing these two critical components of their Balance Sheet carefully.

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