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Great Perks

Boost Wellbeing, Embrace Equality, Ignite Learning, Secure Your Future.

Employee’s Wellbeing

We offer extended physical and mental health benefits that cover a wide variety of services and supplements to support employee’s wellbeing.

Pay Equality

We believe in equal pay for equal work and have 100% gender pay equality.


We offer a course budget per employee per year. We hope to further our employee’s knowledge and education so our employees can flourish and succeed.


We offer an employee and employer Registered Retirement Savings Plan to help our employee’s fund their future.

Employee Testimonials

Accounting Technician

Brandee Fleury

Working at Venture Accounting has helped me grow as a person in many ways – from developing better organizational skills to improving my interpersonal skills. The environment at the office and working with our clients makes me want to come to work every day with a smile on my face, knowing that whatever comes my way, there is support around every corner. I’ve never worked at a better job!

Accounting Technician

Angela Robbins

Working at Venture has been an adventure for me, the growth and experience I have gained has been a huge confidence boost in my own abilities. I have always been in the Customer/Client based industry, so helping people is just part of my nature. I enjoy the interactions and feel building a trust based, open communication relationship is key, so this is right up my alley. Organizing and numbers are a requirement for all my previous work experience, and this one is no different in that respect. The workplace community here has been amazing, and everyone is so helpful and frankly, quite awesome to work with. Having the flexibility to put in a workweek around my children’s busy schedule has been a blessing as well, as I don’t feel overwhelmed with needing to cram everything into the typical 9-5 week if an appointment comes up or my child brings home a bug every now and then.

Director of Payroll Services

Courtney Chychowski

Venture Accounting Group Ltd found me at a really good time in my life, it was during the pandemic, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue in the psychology discipline, and I was looking into making a big change. Three years later, I do not regret making the big change. Venture Accounting Group Ltd has helped me grow as a person. Growth changes everything, it has built my confidence and it has shaped me into an incredibly hard worker. I constantly feel challenged and have so many opportunities to continue my education and knowledge. Anytime I further my education, my co-workers are my biggest cheerleaders. I love the community we have built here, it is fun, kind, empathetic, and supportive. Spending such a large chunk of your life/week/day at work, I am so grateful that I get spend that time in this office, with these wonderful people.

Be Part of Our Dynamic Team

Venture Accounting Group is always on the lookout for individuals ready to exceed in their roles. If you're driven by the desire to help businesses thrive financially, and you flourish in a team that motivates you, then Venture Accounting is the place for you.

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